Costin Nita is the driving force behind our eCommerce endeavors at Alt Collective Digital. With a background in both architecture and urban planning, Costin embarked on a diverse professional journey in his twenties, gaining invaluable experience in various fields. However, it was in 2018 that he ventured into the dynamic world of eCommerce, marking the beginning of a remarkable chapter in his career.

Costin's maiden eCommerce venture turned heads and made waves, swiftly evolving into a unicorn, with the creation of a successful international brand. This monumental achievement solidified his reputation as a visionary in the digital business landscape.

Today, Costin is dedicated to crafting new brands, with a sharp focus on the beauty niche. He passionately assists clients from around the globe in nurturing their Shopify stores and enhancing their presence on Amazon. His extensive knowledge in sales, coupled with an innate sense of aesthetics and an unwavering attention to detail, empowers our team to deliver outstanding results for our clients in the ever-evolving eCommerce sphere. Costin's commitment to excellence is the driving force behind our eCommerce success at Alt Collective Digital. Join us as we embark on the journey of eCommerce growth and innovation!