Meet Ruxandra Nita, the visionary behind our agency. With a background in architecture, she discovered her true passion during her second year of study - the captivating world of digital marketing and design.

Ruxandra's journey began with a love for competition, where she honed her skills in logo and web design. Soon after, she embarked on a personal project that would change her life. She created "Gourmandelle," a vegetarian food blog that wasn't just about sharing recipes; it was about turning a hobby into a passive income machine.

As "Gourmandelle" flourished, Ruxandra's digital prowess grew. She found herself not just creating beautiful designs but strategizing ways to make them work for her. This journey opened the door to the world of digital marketing, where her passion became her profession.

Her first client? None other than Schar - Romania branch, representing an international gluten-free brand. With this partnership, Ruxandra's expertise was put to the test on a global scale, and she passed with flying colors.

Today, Ruxandra brings her unique blend of creativity and strategy to Alt Collective Digital, helping businesses thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. She's proof that passion can lead to incredible opportunities, and she's here to make sure your digital dreams become a reality. Join us on this extraordinary journey!